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Lime shell mining activities carried out in and around Pulicat Lake are demolish the wetland’s mudflat habitation.

·        Pulicat Lake may be a unique waterbody thats located on the east coast of india and sprawls across andhra pradesh and tamil nadu.

·        It lies majorly in andhra pradesh. over 600 years old, the lake has a strong association with the cultural heritage and socio-economic status of each States.

·        Buckingham Canal traverses in a very north to the south direction at the lake’s eastern edge, on Sriharikota Island.

·        The barrier island of Sriharikota separates the lake from the Bay of bengal and is home to the Satish Dhawan space Centre.

·        The rivers Swarnamukhi and Kalangi within the north and also the Arani and the Korttalaiyar (as the Kosasthalaiyar is mentioned in old British era documents) within the south drain into Pulicat Lake throughout the monsoon.

·        In the dry season, water is usually present solely within the southern areas and close to the lake’s 2 inlets.

·         The lake receives fresh water through the rivers and canals evacuate into it and marine water through the inlet mouth connected to the Bay of bengal.

·        It is that the second-largest brackish water ecosystem within the country when the Chilika Lake (Odisha).

·        The large varieties of birds like gray pelicans, painted storks, visit the location annually.

·        Grey pelican and Painted stork each are near-threatened species under IUCN Red List of threatened Species.

·        The lake encompasses the Pulicat Lake bird sanctuary.

·        Flamingo pageant is control each year to market tourism in Pulicat and Nelapattu.