Join Pioneer Academy to achieve top rank in the CDS examination. Get Individual guidance at every stage of your preparation (Written + SSB) so that it always goes on the correct path. In pioneer academy, we ensure that every student is actively present in all the interactive sessions and solves several test series before facing the CDS written examination. CDS exam requires a perfect strategy and correct guidance, and a deep understanding of all the subjects. So we focus on all the critical points of preparations and successfully run a monitoring programming for every individual candidate from our class.

From the first day, our class counseling sessions are held regularly by the teachers to understand what difficulties students face during their preparation. Doubts are solved; it is made sure by the teacher that the students receive the answer to all the queries.

Parents meetings are conducted at the academy to explain their childs exam preparation process, and the children receive equal support from their families. All these things will support them a lot in their preparation journey and stay motivated.

CDS written syllabus is too vast and also requires consistent studies. It would help if you acquired a deep understanding of every subject. Every student can face a breakdown at some point or the other, so considering all these difficulties that students face, the pioneer academy has designed this exceptional individual guidance and monitoring program for our students, which prove to be very beneficial for all the aspirants.

Every month, one-to-one counseling sessions conducted where the students can ask all the questions and discuss the problems they face in the preparation. Guest lectures and guidance of successful candidates are held, which will guide the students. 

Every year lakhs of students appear for the examination, but very few could crack this strict examination.  The reason for not clearing the exam is that some of them could not get the proper guidance or are not getting what exactly the exam expects from the candidate. At pioneer Academy, we teach our students values and provide them the correct knowledge and guidance.