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C.D.S. is conducted by the UPSC twice a year. University graduates or those who in the final year of graduation are eligible to appear in the examination. Successful candidates join the Indian Military Academy/Air Force Academy and Naval Academy for permanent commission and officers Training Academy (OTA) for short service commission.

Short Service Commission(Technical)Entry

The short service commission(Technical)Entry scheme provides avenues to eligible technical graduates and postgraduates for recruitment in Technical arms. After SSB and Medical Board, the selected candidates must undergo approximately 49 weeks of pre-commission training at OTA, Chennai.

A graduate can join through the combined defence services examination as a regular or short service commissioned officer. Training for regular commissioned officers is carried out at the Indian Military academy, Dehradun, known as Military leaderships cradle. Those desirous of joining the short service commission get trained at officers training academy at Chennai and serve for five years. Upon completing this term, he can either resign or opt for an extension for five years or a permanent commission.

Engineering Graduates can join in the pre-final or final year through the technical graduate scheme without any written examination by appearing before the service selection board.IN both cases, the candidates get ante-date seniority of two years and get commissioned as a captain.

Womens Entry at the graduate or engineering graduate level has been viral and competitive. A woman officer gets to serve up to fourteen years after being trained at OTA Chennai. Entry is based on selection by the services selection board. Women officers have performed well in all spheres with their male counterparts, even under field conditions.

The Armed forces, over time, systematically focused on making the services that cannot find a comparison. The glamour of considerable compensation in the private sector attracts a lot of young people. While some do make a pretty success out of it, in most cases, the pressure of prolonged working hours, often against the biological rhythm, brings in a lot of dysfunction in their life; This leads to quick burnout and avoidable stress-related medical problems. The new generation realized life is not about being in a hurry but to step back and enjoy lifes journey.


For I.M.A.:19 years to 24 years

For Naval Academy:19 years to 22 years

For Air force academy:19 years to 23 years.

For Officers Training Academy:( S.S.C. course for men)and (S.S.C. Women Non-Technical Course)19 years to 25 years.

Qualification Required

For I.M.A. and Officers Training academy -Degree of a recognized university or equivalent. For Indian Naval Academy-Degree in Engineering from a recognized University/Institution. For Air Force Academy-Degree of a recognized University(with Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level)or Bachelor of engineering.


CDS conducts the exam in two phases:

1.Written Examination and 

2.Interview/Personality Test

A)For admission in Indian Military Academy, Indian Navy Academy, and Air Force Academy-

There are three papers for 100 marks each, and the duration for each paper will be 120 minutes.

Paper 1-English

Paper 2-General Knowledge.

Paper 3-Elementary Mathematics.

So the complete examination will be for 300 marks.

B)For Admission of Officers Training Academy:

There will be paper 1(General Knowledge), and paper 2(English), and the duration of each paper will be 120 minutes, and each paper is for 100 marks.

So the complete examination is 200 marks.

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