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Gurugram: one dead, three contused once lightning strikes tree

·       It may be a terribly speedy and big discharge of electricity within the atmosphere. its the method of prevalence of a natural ‘electrical discharge of terribly short length and high voltage between a cloud and therefore the ground or among a cloud’, in the middle of a bright flash and sound, and generally thunderstorms.

·       Inter cloud or intra cloud (IC) lightning ar visible and harmless.

·       It is cloud to ground (CG) lightning, that is harmful because the ‘high electrical voltage and electrical current’ results in electrocution.


·       It may be a results of the distinction in electrical charge between the highest and bottom of a cloud.

·       The lightning-generating clouds ar usually concerning 10-12 kilometer tall, with their base concerning 1-2 kilometer from the Earth’s surface. The temperatures at the highest vary from -35°C to -45°C.

·       As vapor moves upwards within the cloud, it condenses into water because of decreasing temperatures. a large quantity of warmth is generated within the method, pushing the water molecules any up.

·       As they move to temperatures below zero, droplets turn out to be little ice crystals. As they continue upwards, they gather mass, till they become thus significant that they begin downward-sloping.

·       It results in a system wherever smaller ice crystals move upwards whereas larger ones come back down. The ensuing collisions trigger unharness of electrons, {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} method very just like the generation of electrical sparks. The moving free electrons cause additional collisions and additional electrons resulting in a series reaction.

·       The method ends up in a scenario within which the highest layer of the cloud gets charged whereas the center layer is charged.

·       In very little time, a large current, of the order of lakhs to various amperes, starts to flow between the layers.

·       It produces heat, resulting in the heating of the air column between the 2 layers of cloud.

·       It is attributable to this heat that the air column appearance red throughout lightning.

The heated air column expands and produces shock waves that end in thunder sounds.