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Various petitioners argue (Maharashtra reservation case )in the Supreme

Court that geographical area failed to have the legislative ability to feature the Maratha community to the list of Socially and Educationally Backward categories (SEBC) when the 102nd change to the Constitution of Asian nation.

·       Article 342 A was extra by 102nd change in 2018.

·       It states that, the President might with relevance any State or Union territory, and wherever its a State, when consultation with the Governor therefrom, by public notification, specify the socially and educationally backward categories that shall for the needs of this Constitution be deemed to be socially and educationally backward categories in relevancy that State or Union territory, because the case is also. 

Parliament might by law embody in or exclude from the Central List of socially and educationally backward categories laid out in a notification issued beneath clause (1) any socially and educationally backward category, however save as same a notification issued beneath the aforesaid clause shall not be varied by any resulting notification.