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World Happiness Report 2021: European country ranks 1st, Republic of India 139th.

·       Finland has been declared the world’s happiest country for the fourth year running, in line with the planet Happiness Report 2021 printed.

·       Meanwhile, Republic of India hierarchic 139th out of the 149 countries within the list — a small improvement since last year, once it absolutely was hierarchic a hundred and fortieth.

·       Of the ten high countries within the list, 9 were in Europe. European country was followed by Scandinavian country, European country, Iceland, European nation, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, New Zealand and European country.

·       The report evaluated levels of happiness by taking into consideration factors like value,  social support, personal freedom, and levels of corruption in every nation. however this year, the authors had a singular new challenge to deal with within the report — the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on nations round the world.

About World Happiness Report:

·       It is free by the property Development Solutions Network for the international organization by the global organization General Assembly.

·       It could be a landmark survey of the state of worldwide happiness that ranks countries by however happy their voters understand themselves to be.





Importance for Prelims: Science & tech

India, France acting on third joint house mission: ISRO Chairman.

·       Officials aforementioned ISRO and CNES have completed the practicableness study to understand the planet observation satellite mission with thermal infrared imager, TRISHNA (Thermal infraRed Imaging Satellite for prime resolution natural resources Assessment) Associate in Nursingd ar operating towards finalising an implementing arrangement for the joint development.

·       According to ISRO officers, ISRO and French house agency CNES (Centre National dEtudesSpatiales) have undertaken 2 joint missions ‘Megha-Tropiques’, that was launched in 2011, and ‘Saral-Altika’ in 2013.


·       TRISHNA may be a future high-resolution frame of reference mission within the thermal infrared (TIR) light-emitting diode together by the French (CNES) and therefore the Indian (ISRO) house agencies for a launch planned in 2025.

·       The scientific objectives guiding the definition of the mission ar, so as of priority, the observation of the water standing and of the strain of continental ecosystems, the observation of coastal and inland  waters, the urban surroundings, and applications to the solid Earth, the cryosphere and therefore the atmosphere.

TRISHNA are going to be positioned on a polar orbit at Associate in Nursing altitude of 761 klick, providing a return of three passages over eight days with international coverage.