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Road Transport Associate in Nursingd Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari explicit  in Parliament that the Ministry is introducing a voluntary vehicle fleet modernization programme aimed toward making an scheme to end unfit and polluting vehicles

·       It is projected that personal vehicles be de-registered when twenty years if found unfit or just in case of failure to renew registration certificate.

·       As a rational motive live, hyperbolic re-registration fees are applicable for personal vehicles fifteen years onward from the date of initial registration.

·       It is being projected that every one government vehicles is also de-registered and scrapped when fifteen years from date of registration.

·       Road Ministry has additionally projected increasing the registration charges for vehicles that ar over fifteen years, with result from October one this year.

·       The criteria, selected the idea of practices in FRG, the UK, the United States of America and Japan, can take into consideration emission tests, braking and safety instrumentation, among several alternative tests.