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A government seminar conducted recently in urban center highlighted the bequest of the long-forgotten Tomar king — Anangpal II.

·       Anangpal II, popularly referred to as AnangpalTomar, belonged to the Tomar kinfolk that dominated elements of current urban center and Haryana between the eighth  and twelfth centuries.

·       Their rule is documented by multiple inscriptions and coins.

·       Anangpal II was instrumental in populating Indraprastha and giving it its gift name, Delhi.

·       The region was in ruins once he ascended the throne within the eleventh century; it absolutely was he United Nations agency designed Lal Kot fort and Anang Tal Baoli.

The Tomars of urban center

·       The Tomars were the feudatories of the Pratiharas.

·       They supported the town of urban center in 736 A.D.

·       MahipalaTomar captured Thaneshwar, Hansi and Nagarkot in 1043 A.D.

Chauhans captured urban center in middle of the twelfth century and also the Tomars became their feudatories.