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The Regional meteorologic Centre, Chennai, has same that rain occurred at isolated places over Kerala and Mahe throughout the twenty four hours ending on weekday morning. Outlook for weekday had hinted at the likelihood of thunderstorms with lightning at isolated places over state and Kerala.

·       Thunderstorms and tornadoes area unit severe native storms. theyre of short length, occurring over alittle space however area unit violent.

·       Thunderstorm could be a storm with thunder and lightning and usually additionally significant rain or hail.

·       Thunderstorms largely occur on ground wherever the temperature is high.

·       Thunderstorms area unit less frequent on water bodies because of temperature.

·       Worldwide, there area unit associate degree calculable sixteen million thunderstorms every year, and at any given moment, there area unit roughly a pair of,000 thunderstorms current.

Motion of a electrical storm

·       Path of a electrical storm is erratic. Motion is primarily because of interactions of its updrafts and downdrafts.

·       The speed of isolated storms is usually regarding twenty kilometer (12 miles) per hour, however some storms move abundant quicker.

·       In extreme circumstances, a supercell storm might move sixty five to eighty kilometer (about forty to fifty miles) per hour.


·       Downdrafts area unit observed as macrobursts or microbursts.

·       Macroburst is over four kilometer in diameter and may turn out winds as high as sixty metres per second, or 215 kilometer per hour.

·       A microburst is smaller in dimension however produces winds as high as seventy five metres per second, or 270 kilometer per hour

They area unit seriously venturesome to aircrafts, particularly throughout takeoffs and landings.