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The Lok Sabha passed The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2021 that seeks to place seven castes beneath one terminology of “DevendrakulaVellalars” with some exceptions for a few of the castes in sure districts of province.

·       The castes embrace Devendrakulathan, Kadaiyan, Kalladi, Kudumban, Pallan, Pannadi and Vathiriyan.

·       The authorities had earlier accepted a recommendation of a committee to sort the seven sub sects beneath the generic name ‘DevendrakulaVelalar’ and forwarded it to the Centre.

·       The modification in terminology was a protracted unfinished demand of the community and didnt involve either the deletion or addition of any community in its scope.

·       The reason why an entire new addition wasnt created to the scheduled  Castes list was to confirm that previous caste certificates issued to those communities beneath the previous name not be rejected.