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As we have a tendency to approach Stockholm+50, we have a tendency to ar staring at Associate in Nursing more and more unjust world; wherever economic condition and social process ar growing and wherever global climate change risks ar reaching not simply the homes of the poor however additionally of the wealthy.


·       In 2022 itll be fifty years since the primary international organization conference on the human setting – the 1972 capital of Sweden Conference.

·       The Government of Sweden has offered to host a high-level meeting in conjunction with this day of remembrance.

·       The aim is to contribute to fast a metamorphosis that results in property and inexperienced economies, more jobs, and a healthy planet for all, wherever nobody is left behind.

The 1972 capital of Sweden Conference

·       The United Nations Conference on the Human setting, additionally called the capital of Sweden Conference, was the primary United Nations conference on the setting and was control between five and sixteen Gregorian calendar month 1972 in capital of Sweden.

·       The meeting’s outcome document – the capital of Sweden Declaration – enclosed many principles that ar still vital for environmental management.

Another results of the meeting was the institution of the international organization setting Programme (UNEP) and therefore the World setting Day, control annually on five Gregorian calendar month.