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The Centre brought soyameal under the scope of the Essential Commodities Act

·        The Centre brought soyameal — a key raw material to manufacture compound feed — under the range of the Essential Commodities Act and imposed stock limits on processors and traders with a read to increasing domestic provides and checking value rise.

·        About Soyabean Since past times, Soyabean has served as meat, milk, cheese, bread also as oil for the people of China and East Asia; and also the ancient literature of these countries known as it as “gold from soil”. Off late, its skillfulness was recognized by the west, that known as it “golden bean” or “miracle bean”.

·        Due to its immense potential as food, feed, fodder, fuel and industrial production, Soyabean is claimed to possess revolutionized the agricultural economy of west, particularly of US.

·        Global Production presently, US is world’s largest Soyabean Producer with eighty nine million tonnes production each year.

·        United States is followed by Brazil and Argentina. Production in india With twelve million tonnes of production, Soyabean is one among the quickest growing crops in india.

·        Soyabean is fully grown as a Kharif Crop in india.

·        The top 3 Soyabean growing states are Madhya Pradesh, maharashtra and Rajasthan.

·        Soyabean is key to Madhya Pradesh “Malwa is India’s United States midwest and Indore its Chicago.

·        And that’s only due to soyabean.”

·         The relative hardiness and shorter maturity — a minimum of 10-15 days less than jowar (sorghum) or maize — created soyabean the best kharif crop.

·        Importance of SoyabeanSoyabean is recognized as one of the premier crops round the world.

·        It’s a major supply of vegetable oil, protein and animal feed.

·        Due to high protein content (>40%) and high oil content (>20%), Soyabean is considered to be a very important food product.

·        The soya protein is known complete protein because it provides sufficient  quantity of amino acids. soyabean oil contains no cholesterin.