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Fire engulfs nearly two hundred hectares in Shetrunjay, brought in check.

Shatrunjaya or Shetrunjaya (“place of ending against inner enemies”) originally

Pundarikgiri), ar hills set by the town of Palitana, in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India.

·       They ar placed on the banks of the Shetrunji stream at AN elevation 164 feet (50 m) on top of water level. These hills have similarities to different hills wherever Jain temples are inbuilt province, Gwalior, Mount Abu and Girnar.

·       Shetrunjay Hills reserve forest space, a environment of Asiatic lions, in Bhavnagar territorial forest division.

·       The Shetrunjay Dunagar Reserve Forest, a patch of unsmooth, dry and deciduous forest, is home to Asiatic lions and leopards furthermore as herbivores like blue bulls.