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First quantum computer to pack 100 qubits enters crowded race

·         IBM’s newest quantum-computing chip, discovered on fifteen November, established a milestone of sorts: it packs in 127 quantum bits (qubits), making it the primary such device to achieve 3 digits.

·         The ‘Eagle’ chip is also a step towards IBM’s goal of creating a 433-qubit quantum processor next year, followed by one with one,121 qubits named condor by 2023.

·         Quantum Technology Quantum Technology is based on the principles of quantum physics that was developed within the early twentieth century to explain nature at the scale of atoms and elementary particles.

·         The 1st phase of this revolutionary technology has provided the foundations of our understanding of the physical world, as well as the interaction of light and matter, and led to ubiquitous inventions like lasers and semiconductor transistors.

·         A second revolution is currently underway with the goal of putting properties of quantum physics within the realms of computing.

·         Properties of Quantum Computing Superposition – It is the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states simultaneously.

·         Entanglement– It means that the 2 members of a pair (Qubits) exist during a single quantum state.

·         Changing the state of 1 of the qubits can instantaneously modification the state of the opposite one during a predictable  method.

·         This happens even though theyre separated by very long distances. Einstein known as spooky ‘action at a distance’.

·         Interference – Quantum interference states that elementary particles (Qubits) cannot only be in more than one place at any given time (through superposition), however that a personal particle, like a photon (light particles) will cross its own trajectory and interfere with the direction of its path.

·         Potential Applications For Quantum computing machine Learning computational Chemistry monetary Portfolio optimization Secure Communication Disaster Management Pharmaceutical logistics and programing Cyber Security Augmenting industrial revolution 4.0 National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications (NMQTA) Union Budget 2020-21 proposed to spend Rs 8,000 crore on the recently launched NMQTA.

·         In 2018, the Department of Science & Technology unveiled  a programme known as Quantum-Enabled Science & Technology (QuEST) and committed to investment Rs. eighty crore over the next 3 years to accelerate analysis.

·         The mission seeks to develop quantum computing connected technologies amidst the second quantum revolution and create India the world’s third-biggest nation within the sector after the United States and China.