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The Union cupboard has approved the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Nidhi (PMSSN) as one non-lapsable reserve account for share of Health from the takings of Health and Education Cess levied below Section 136-b of Finance Act, 2007.

Salient options of the PMSSN

·       A non-lapsable reserve account for Health within the Public Account; takings of share of health within the Health and Education Cess are going to be attributable into PMSSN; Accruals into the PMSSN are going to be used for the flagship schemes of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare specifically,

·       Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri January ArogyaYojana (AB-PMJAY)

·       Ayushman Bharat – Health and eudaimonia Centres (AB-HWCs)

·       National Health Mission

·       Pradhan MantriSwasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY)

·       Emergency & disaster preparation and responses throughout health emergencies

·       Any future programme/scheme that targets to attain progress towards SDGs and therefore the targets started within the National Health Policy (NHP) 2017.

·       Administration and maintenance of the PMSSN is entrusted to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; and

·       In any yr, the expenditure on such schemes of the MoHFW would be at first incurred from the PMSSN and thenceforth, from Gross monetary fund Support (GBS).