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Air quality commission shuts down once ordinance lapses.

·       An ordinance is any law publicised by the President in those circumstances once the Indian parliament isnt in session.

·       The ordinance creating powers of the President area unit listed in Article 123 of the Constitution.

·       The President has sure law-making powers that aid him to promulgate ordinances once either of each the homes of Parliament isnt in session that makes enacting laws within the parliament out of question.

·       An Ordinance is issued on any subject that the Parliament has the ability to ordain on. in this method, the president’s powers area unit restricted within the same method because the Parliament is.

Limitations of the President’s Power:

·       The ordinance creating power of the manager is restricted through the following:

·       The assembly isnt in session: The President will solely promulgate Associate in Nursing Ordinance once either of the 2 homes of Parliament isnt in session.

·       Immediate action is required: The President cannot promulgate Associate in Nursing Ordinance unless hes happy that there area unit circumstances that need taking ‘immediate action’.

·       Parliamentary approval throughout the session: Ordinances should be approved by Parliament among six weeks of reassembling or they shall stop to control.

·       They would additionally stop to control just in case resolutions unfavorable  the Ordinance area unit gone along each the homes.

Features and Properties of the Ordinance:

·       An ordinance is retrospective thats it is legislated from before the time its approved.

·       An ordinance publicised once Parliament is in session is taken into account null and void.

·       The Ordinance so as to remain a law should be approved by the Parliament among six weeks from its refabrication. Its existence ceases just in case the parliament takes no action among six weeks from its refabrication.

·       Acts and laws and happenings that passed off underneath the ordinance stay active until the time it lapses.

·       Indian President is one in every of the rarest ones among the globe leaders to own the ability of constructing ordinances.

·       The power of ordinance promulgation can not be thought-about a substitute for the President’s legislative power.

·       President’s power to roll out ordinance is justiciable just in case intentions area unit evidenced jugal bone fide.

·       Ordinances will solely be created on the themes wherever the Indian Parliament is allowed to form laws.

·       Fundamental Rights of the voters warranted by the Indian Constitution can not be moved out through Associate in Nursing ordinance.

·       The ordinance would even be thought-about void just in case each the homes pass a resolution unfavorable  it.