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The depository financial institution of Bharat (RBI) has determined to conduct coincidental purchase associate degreed sale of presidency securities below Open Market Operations (OMO) for an quantity of ₹10,000 large integer every on Annunciation.

·       Open Market Operations (OMOs) area unit market operations conducted by tally by approach of sale/purchase of presidency securities to/from the market with associate degree objective to regulate the rupee liquidity conditions within the market on a sturdy basis.

·       If theres excess liquidity, tally resorts to sale of securities and sucks out the rupee liquidity.

·       Similarly, once the liquidity conditions area unit tight, tally buys securities from the market, thereby cathartic liquidity into the market.

·       It is one in every of the quantitative (to regulate or management the whole volume of money)monetary policy tools that is utilized by the financial organization of a rustic to manage the money provide within the economy. regarding G-secs

·       A agency security (G-Sec) may be a tradable instrument issued by the Central Government or the State Governments.

·       It acknowledges the Government’s debt obligation.

Such securities area unit short term (usually known as treasury bills, with original maturities of but one year- presently issued in 3 tenors, namely, 91 day, 182 day and 364 day) or future (usually known as Government bonds or dated securities with original maturity of 1 year or additional.