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The us overtook Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as India’s second biggest oil provider.

·       India’s imports from the us – the world’s prime producer – rose forty eighth to a record 545,300 barrels per day (bpd) in Gregorian calendar month from the previous month, accounting for 14 July of overall imports last month, the information obtained by Reuters showed.

·       In distinction, Gregorian calendar month imports from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fell by forty second from the previous month to a decade-low of 445,200 bpd, the information showed.

·       Saudi peninsula, that has systematically been one in every of India’s prime 2 suppliers, slipped to No. four for initial time since 2006

Iraq continued  to be the highest oil vender to Asian country despite a twenty third decline in purchases to a five-month low of 867,500 bpd, the information showed.