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The Supreme Court asked the Centre and therefore the committee of Bharat to retort to a plea that contemporary elections ought to be conducted in constituencies wherever the very best range of votes polled square measure NOTA (None Of The Above).

·       The petition aforementioned candidates ‘rejected’ by voters shouldnt be fielded once more within the contemporary polls.

·       Chief Justice of Bharat Sharad A. Bobde expressed doubts at first concerning the feasibleness of the petition to arm the voters with the “right to reject” and nudge political parties to gift voters with a stronger alternative of candidates to choose from.

·       Chief Justice Bobde aforementioned if voters unbroken rejecting candidates, Parliament/Assembly seats would still stay vacant, poignant legislative functioning.

·       But the petition argued that “if voters square measure given the ability to reject, political parties can lookout to field worthy candidates within the 1st place.”

None of the higher than (NOTA)

·       Supreme Court, within the PUCL v Union of Bharat (2013) directed the ECI to introduce NOTA in direct elections to permit voters to register their protest if none of the candidates is suitable to them.

NOTA has solely symbolic price during a direct election. in spite of NOTA numbers, candidate polling most votes is elective  but, its a step towards encouraging political parties to field candidates with integrit.