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The no-confidence motion affected by the Congress against the Bharatiya Janata Party-Jannayak Janta Party coalition government in Haryana on weekday was defeated by fifty five votes to thirty two.

·       A no-confidence motion could be a parliamentary motion that is affected within the Lok Sabha against the complete council of ministers, stating that theyre not deemed appropriate hold positions of responsibility because of their inadequacy in some respect or their failure to hold out their obligations.

·       No previous reason must be explicit  for its adoption within the Lok Sabha.

Procedure to maneuver a “No Confidence Motion”:

·       A motion of “No Confidence Motion” against the govt. are often introduced solely within the Lok Sabha underneath rule 198.

·       The Constitution of Bharat doesnt mention concerning either a Confidence or a No Confidence Motion. Although, Article seventy five will specify that the Council of Ministers shall be conjointly accountable to the Lok Sabha.

·       A motion of No Confidence are often admitted once a minimum of fifty members, support the motion within the house.

·       The Speaker then, once happy that the motion is so as, can raise the House if the motion are often adopted.

·       If the motion is passed within the house, the govt. is guaranteed to vacate the workplace.

·       A no-confidence motion desires a majority vote to pass the House.

·       If people or parties abstain from selection, those numbers are faraway from the strength of the House then the bulk are taken into consideration.