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 ‘MCA21 portal: third version in the works’

·        MCA21 is an e-Governance initiative of Ministry of corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of india that permits a simple and secure access of the MCA services to the corporate entities, professionals and citizens of india.

·        It has created all company connected data accessible to various stakeholders and therefore the general public.

·         it had been launched in 2006.

·        The MCA21 application is designed to totally automate all processes associated with the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal needs under the businesses Act, 1956, New firms Act, 2013 and limited liability Partnership Act, 2008.

·        This can facilitate the business community to meet their statutory obligations. MCA twenty one has been a part of Mission Mode projects of the govt. of india. MCA21 Version 3.0 is an element of the 2021 Budget announcement.

·        The MCA21 V3.0 in its entirety wont solely improve the existing services and modules, however also will create new functionalities like e-adjudication, compliance management system, advanced help desk, feedback services, user dashboards, self-reporting tools and revamped master information services.

·         It comprises a revamped web site, new email services for MCA Officers and 2 new modules, namely, e. Book and e. Consultation.