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Martian ‘blueberries’ notice a parallel on Earth. Similar hematite concretions are found in tannin, Gujarat.

·       In 2004, NASA’s Mars exploration rover ‘Opportunity’ found many little spheres on the earth, informally named Martian blueberries.

·       Opportunity’s spectrometers studied the geology and noted they were product of iron chemical compound compounds referred to as haematites. This caused excitement, because the presence of haematites suggests that there was water gift on Mars.

·       The wide accepted formation mechanism of hematite concretion [hard solid mass] is precipitation from liquid fluids.

·       Haematite is understood to make in oxidising environments, and supported our expertise on Earth, we tend to infer that water should have additionally compete a vital role within the formation of gray hematite on Mars.

Opportunity & Spirit Rover Mission

·       Opportunity was the second of the dual Mars Exploration Rovers to land on Mars in January 2004.

·       It landed ninety days once its twin rover Spirit landed. Spirit landed at Gusev Crater and chance landed on the alternative facet of Mars at Meridiani Planum.

·       NASA expected 90-day lifetimes for the rovers. each chance and Spirit so much exceeded their expected time period.

Spirit’s mission resulted in might 2011 once motion eight kilometers and chance had logged forty five kilometers before losing contact in Gregorian calendar month 2018.