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Bird Safe Philly proclaimed the Lights Out Philly initiative, a voluntary program within which as several external and internal lights in buildings area unit turned off or dim in the dead of night throughout the spring and fall.

·       Lights Out Philly is that the results of a cooperative effort diode by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Delaware vale zoological science Club, creative person Mid- Atlantic, and 2 native creative person Society chapters — vale Forge and Wyncote.

·       In addition to town of Philadelphia’s workplace of property, the Bird Safe Philly initiative is supported by the Building homeowners and Managers Association (BOMA) Philadelphia and also the Building business Association of Philadelphia.

·       The initial season of Lights Out Philly launches Gregorian calendar month one, at the beginning of peak spring migration and runs through could thirty one, once most winged migrants can have versed Philadelphia. within the fall, Lights Out Philly and peak migration can occur between August. 15 and Nov. fifteen as birds travel south.

·       Each year tens of scores of birds go through Philadelphia throughout spring and fall whereas migrating between their breeding and wintering grounds.

Many neer complete their epic journey as a result of theyre killed once they fly into buildings and windows, confused by the intense artificial lights and glass.