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Guru Chemancheri  Kunhiraman Nair, a recipient of Padma Shri, died here on weekday at the age of 104. He was a seasoned Kathakali actor.

Kathakali (Kerala)

·       Chakiarkoothu, Koodiyattam, Krishnattam and Ramanattam square measure few of the ritual liberal arts of Kerala that have had an on the spot influence on Kathakali in its kind and technique.

·       Kathakali may be a mix of dance, music and acting and dramatizes stories, that square measure principally custom-made from the Indian epics.

·       Heavy make-up and beautiful costumes (elaborate masks, Brobdingnagian skirts and large headdresses) square measure used.

·       The dancers enact the roles (kings, gods, demons etc.) of the stories with explicit make-up and costume, the vocalists narrate the legend and also the percussionists play the musical instruments.

·       Different facial colors indicate completely different mental stages & character, e.g. inexperienced –nobility, black – wicked, red patches – combining royalty & evil.

·       Hand gestures, facial expressions and eye movements square measure necessary.

Weight of the body is on the outer edges of the feet that square measure slightly bent and sinusoidal. Ramankutty Nair and Kalamandalam Gopi were the distinguished artists.