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Inescapable risks of mandatory iron fortification – Fortification will increase serum ferritin without changing haemoglobin level

·        Iron isnt safe in excess; its an oxidizing agent with a variety of ill-effects.

·        Iron will increase the risk for several non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and even high blood cholesterol.

·        The iron body stores is measured by blood serum ferritin concentration. Fortification of anyone staple (rice, wheat, or salt) can increase serum ferritin, while not necessarily changing the haemoglobin level.

·        No less than fifty per cent of Indian youngsters, aged 5-19 years, already had a biomarker of either high blood glucose or high blood lipids, even once thin or stunted.

·        The World Health Organization is having a consultation this year to judge if haemoglobin diagnostic cut-offs for anaemia should be down in different geographies, one among that is india.

·        This is partially based on a recent paper within the Lancet by us, that showed that the cut-offs were likely less than the World Health Organization cut-off in Indian youngsters.

·        This lowering has been also confirmed during a study of no less than thirty two countries worldwide, also as another in pregnant ladies.

·        A lower cut-off can mean lower (halved) anaemia prevalence.