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International Relations

Indian and Japanese area agencies reviewed cooperation in earth observation, satellite cooperation and satellite navigation, and additionally in agreement to explore opportunities for cooperation in “space situational awareness and skilled exchange programme”.

·       This was in agreement throughout a bilateral meeting between the Indian area analysis Organization (ISRO) and also the Japan part Exploration Agency (JAXA) command nearly.

·       Both agencies signed associate Implementing Arrangement for cooperative activities on rice crop space and air quality watching exploitation satellite knowledge.

·       India and Japan square measure already engaged on a joint satellite polar exploration (LUPEX) mission and also the 2 area agencies are engaged on the mission that aims to send a lander and rover to the Moon’s pole around 2024.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

·       Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is that the science of pursuit objects (man-made and natural) that square measure in orbit and additionally predicting whet they might be at a given purpose in time.

·       So far, solely America, Russia and Europe have similar established capabilities in situ to trace area objects and share collision warnings.

·       ISRO has established a board of directors of area Situational Awareness and Management aiming at protective high valued area assets from area trash shut approaches and collisions.

To carryout consistently all activities associated with SSAM, an impact centre is being established at Bengaluru.