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‘Tax cut on fuels positive for inflation management’

·         Headline Inflation Headline Inflation is that the measure of total inflation inside an economy.

·         It includes value rise in food, fuel and every one different commodities. The rate of inflation expressed in Wholesale price index (WPI) typically denotes the headline inflation.

·         Though client price index (CPI) values are typically higher, WPI values historically build headlines.

·         Core Inflation (Underline Inflation or Non-food Inflation)  Core inflation is additionally a term wont to denote the extend of inflation in an economy.

·         But Core inflation doesnt think about the inflation in food and fuel.

·         This can be an idea derived from headline inflation.

·         There isnt any index for direct measure of core inflation and currently its measured by excluding food and fuel things from Wholesale price index (WPI) or client price index (CPI). Core inflation = Headline inflation – (Food and Fuel) inflation.