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Recently, the global organization atmosphere Programme (UNEP) discharged the waste matter Index Report 2021.

·       It has discovered that Revolutionary Organization 17 November of all food out there at shopper level (11% in households, five-hitter in food service and a pair of in retail) was wasted in 2019 and around 690 million folks had to travel hungry.

·       This report estimates that around 931 million tonnes of waste matter was generated in 2019.

·       61% of that came from households, twenty sixth from food service and thirteen from retail.

·       Food waste generation is found to be equally relevant across all financial gain countries like high, upper‑middle and lower‑middle financial gain countries.

·       Developed Countries like European nation turn out terribly low amounts of waste at thirty-nine kg/capita/year. On the opposite hand, countries like Nigeria square measure manufacturing waste at 189 kg/capita/year. For India, the waste in kg/capita/year was fifty.

About the Report:

·       It presents the foremost comprehensive waste matter information assortment, analysis and modeling thus far, generating a brand new estimate of world waste matter.

·       It conjointly publishes a technique for countries to live waste matter, at social unit,food service and retail level, to trace national progress towards 2030.

·       In distinction to the Food Loss Index, the waste matter Index measures total waste matter (rather than loss or waste related to specific commodities). Food Loss Index

·       The Food Loss Index (FLI) focuses on food losses that occur from production up to (and not including) the retail level.

·       It measures the changes in share losses for a basket of ten main commodities by country as compared with a base amount.

The FLI contributes to live progress towards SDG Target twelve.3.