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The LG stressed the necessity to supply for a mechanism to effectively implement the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) concerning the gathering of e-waste and its process.

·       Extended Producers Responsibility is actually the utilization of economic incentives to encourage makers to style environmentally friendly product by creating producers in control of their product management throughout end-stage consumption.

·       It differs from product office because it relieves the govt. from the burden of managing sure product by creating makers impute value} of employment inside the merchandise price.

·       EPR is distributed bearing in mind that whole house owners have the best management over product style and thus ar in an exceedingly higher position to style their product in such a fashion that itll scale back harmful effects on the surroundings as an entire.

·       Extended Producers Responsibility is completed through, reuse, buyback, or employment.

·       The producer has additionally the choice of relegating this responsibility to a third-party which may be paid by the producer for used-product management.

This shifts the responsibility for waste management from the govt. to personal industries, creating it simple for producers or sellers to interiorise waste management and make sure the safe handling of their product.