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There is no proposal to introduce electronic voting in the upcoming general elections, Law Minister KirenRijiju informed the Lok Sabha.

·         It will allow electors to vote from faraway cities without going to the designated polling station of their constituencies.

·         The voters can need to reach a chosen venue throughout a pre-decided amount of your time to be able to use this facility.

·         The IIT-M is developing a system for two-way remote selection during a controlled atmosphere using blockchain technology.

·         It would entail citizen identification and authorisation on the Electoral Registration Officer Network (ERO Net) exploitation biometric information and internet cameras for authentication, followed by a blockchain-based e-ballot generation, which might convert into a vote once the hash code would be generated on its execution.

·         The encrypted remote votes cast would once more be valid at the pre-counting stage to make sure that they need neither been decrypted nor tampered with or replaced.

·         Countries like the US, Argentina, Russia, Estonia, Thailand and South Korea within the past have utilized the blockchain strategies for conducting vote processes for his or her voters, with a good share of positives and negatives derivation consequentially.