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According to official knowledge on the DigiDhan Dashboard, the full variety of digital transactions between April one, 2020, and March eight, 2021,stood at 4,877.51 crore, against the four,579.94 large integer transactions clocked in 2019-20.

·       Hon’ble government minister in his Budget Speech of FY 2017-18, proclaimed a target of two,500 large integer digital dealing for 2017-18 and had proclaimed that an ardent Mission shall be discovered for this purpose.

·       In pursuance of this vision, “DIGIDHAN Mission” has been set underneath the Ministry of natural philosophy and data Technology (MeitY), with associate objective to realize the target of 2500 large integer digital payment transactions in yr 2017-18 and to alter digital payment infrastructure throughout the country.

·       The Digidhan mission wont solely work on spreading acquirement concerning on-line payments, however also will undertake promotion of best practices, processes, adoption and on-boarding systems across the system for a good and fast uptake.

Digidhan Dashboard

·       To monitor the expansion of digital payments, MeitY has developed “Digidhan Dashboard”, a platform for correct news, observation and analysis of all digital payments transactions occurring within the country and enablement of infrastructure through preparation of Physical/Mobile/BHIM AadhaarPoS devices.

·       It can facilitate in chase the expansion of digital payment transactions within the country and can give inputs for effective designing of digital payment promotional activities.

·       The Dashboard includes knowledge of assorted modes of digital payment transactions. It provides 2 levels of access.

General access provides details of growth of digital payment and connected infrastructure. Privileged access is given to the stakeholders to review their performance for higher implementation and promotion of digital payments.