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Recently, the geographical region Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has relied on a rhetorical take a look at called algae tests for leads within the alleged murder case of Mansukh Hiran. • variety of take a look ats are developed to verify the reason for such deaths (death by drowning) with the algae test rising together of the foremost necessary tests.

·       The take a look at entails findings if there area unit diatoms within the body being tested.

What area unit Diatoms?

·       Diatoms area unit photosynthesizing protoctist that area unit found in virtually each aquatic atmosphere as well as contemporary and marine waters, soils and virtually anyplace thats wet.

·       They area unit living thing, chemical change, flora organisms that have a characteristic structure frustules, comprising 2 thecas i.e. oxide cell walls.

·       The diatoms area unit divided into 2 major orders i.e. Centrales and Pennales counting on the form of the frustule.

·       The Centrales area unit radially bilaterally symmetrical and therefore the Pennales have bilaterality.

Science behind algae take a look at

·       A body recovered from a water body doesnt essentially imply that the death was because of drowning. If the person is alive once he enters the water, the diatoms can enter the lungs once the person inhales water whereas drowning.

·       These diatoms then get carried to varied components of the body, as well as the brain, kidneys, lungs and bone marrow by blood circulation.

·       If an individual is dead once is thrown within the water, then theres no circulation and theres no transport of algae cells to varied organs.

·       The algae analysis is taken into account positive only if the amount of diatoms recovered from the body is over a bottom established limit.

·       The results of a algae take a look at are going to be completely different if an individual is thrown within the water when hes dead. responsibility of algae take a look at

·       It is reliable unless and till the decedent has been beverage from constant supply of water before his death.

·       The algae take a look at neednt be done if classical signs of drowning like froth at mouth and nostrils, body spasm, presence of water from drowning medium is seen in abdomen and hydrops of lungs area unit gift.