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“Blockchain is a technology I believe in and it is different from crypto. I believe in real time and expect everything will settle in real time. Smart contracts will also become real,” Reliance Industries Chairman MukeshAmbani said.

·         Blockchains are a new data structure that is secure, cryptography-based, and distributed across a network.

·         The technology supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and the transfer of any data or digital asset.

·         Spearheaded by Bitcoin, blockchains succeed agreement among distributed nodes, permitting the transfer of digital product while not the requirement for centralized authorisation of transactions.

·         The gift blockchain system is just like the early net, a permissionless innovation atmosphere during which email, the globe Wide internet, Napster, Skype, and Uber were designed.

How it operates?

·         The technology allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure, peer-to-peer, instant and frictionless.

·         It does this by distributing trust from powerful intermediaries to a large global network, which through mass collaboration, clever code and cryptography, enables a tamper-proof public ledger of every transaction that’s ever happened on the network.

·         A block is that the “current” a part of a blockchain that records some or all of the recent transactions, and once completed, goes into the blockchain as permanent information.

·         Each time a block gets completed, a new block is generated.

·         Blocks ar connected to every different (like a chain) in correct linear, written record order with each block containing a hash of the previous block.

·         Benefits of blockchain technology: As a public ledger system, blockchain records and validate every and each dealings created, that makes it secure and reliable.

·         All the transactions created are approved by miners, that makes the transactions immutable  and forestall it from the threat of hacking.

·         Blockchain technology discards the need of any third-party or central authority for peer-to-peer transactions.

·         It allows decentralization of the technology.