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Congress Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh Friday asked Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to ensure that the Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2021 — tabled in the Lower House on Thursday — is referred to the Standing Committee on Environment rather than a Select Committee.

·        The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 was born out of India’s attempt to realise the objectives enshrined within the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 1992 that recognizes the sovereign rights of states to use their own Biological Resources.

·        The act was enacted in 2002, it aims at the conservation of biological resources, managing its sustainable use and enabling honest and equitable  sharing advantages arising out of the use and information of biological resources with the native communities.

·        The Act prohibits the subsequent activities while not the previous approval from the National biodiversity Authority.

·        The act envisaged a three-tier structure to control the access to biological resources: The National biodiversity Authority (NBA) The State biodiversity Boards (SBBs) The biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) (at native level)

·        The act stipulates all offences under that as cognoscible and non-bailable.

·         Any grievances associated with the determination of profit sharing or order of the National biodiversity Authority or a State biodiversity Board under this Act, shall be taken to the National green assembly (NGT).

·        Exemptions from the Act the Act excludes Indian biological resources that are usually traded as commodities.

·        Such exemption holds solely thus far the biological resources ar used as commodities and for no different purpose.

·        The act conjointly excludes traditional uses of Indian biological resources and associated data and after they are used in collaborative analysis comes between Indian and foreign establishments with the approval of the central government.

·        Uses by cultivators and breeds, e.g. farmers, livestock keepers and bee keepers and traditional healerse.g.vaids and hakims are exempted.