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On March twenty one, the biggest asteroid foreseen to go past Earth in 2021 are at its nighest. its known as 2001 FO32.

·       It could be a near-Earth asteroid classified as a probably venturesome asteroid of the Apollo cluster.

·       With associate calculable diameter of 440–680 m (1,400–2,200 ft), it had been discovered by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid analysis at Socorro, New Mexico on twenty three March 2001.

·       The asteroid can safely go past Earth on twenty one March 2021.

·       It won’t come back nearer than two million klick to Earth, but still, that distance is move on astronomical terms, that is why 2001 FO32 has been selected a “potentially venturesome asteroid”.

·       During this approach, 2001 FO32 can go past at concerning 124,000 kilometres per hour – quicker than the speed at that most asteroids encounter Earth.

The reason for the asteroid’s outstandingly speedy shut approach is its extremely eccentric orbit round the Sun, associate orbit thats tipped 39° to Earth’s plane. This orbit takes the asteroid nearer to the Sun than Mercury, and double as faraway from the Sun as Mars.